Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mother of all Riddles: Rain or No Rain

Blog 5 MOTHER of all RIDDLES

In Genesis 2:5 which is leading to the Garden of Eden story, God tells us ‘there was no rain.’ The Bible is perfect and there are no errors in it.

Science tells us that in that period of time there was rain. Science is correct also.

Question: Can you explain how science (there was rain) and the Bible (there was no rain) both can be correct?


Steven G. O'Dell said...

Rain did not fall from the sky, but the waters beneath (the fountains of the deep) watered the land via dews and mists. Rains came later when the fountains of the deep were broken up and the "waters continually came and went" (tsunami tides described, resulting from the large astral body that approached and ruptured the earth's crust, liberated the waters beneath the crust, raised great waves in the oceans and caused the pole to pole range of mountains in the Americas to rise.)

Bala said...

Genesis 1 is a CHILDREN'S NURSERY RHYME - loosely based on prevailing Canaanite mythology. You wouldn't know that because you can't read the Hebrew.

There is no way you can put twist or distort this description of a flat earth into modern cosmology

Genesis 2-3 is a JUST SO STORY. Like "how the leopard got his spots" but in this case it's How people know right from wrong, why we cover ourselves, and why the snake has no legs.