Monday, May 31, 2010

6 days vs 4.5 billion years of creation

The biggest stumbling block for proving sync between science and the biblical story of creation is the question of the time it took for the creation process. The Bible says six days and science says four and a half billion years. As people became more educated the six day claim made the Bible appear a work of fiction and belief in that six day number became limited to those with blind faith

Between the years 1950 and 1955 scientists developed the big bang theory which stated that the universe began with an explosion of a dense amount of matter and that our universe is still continuing to expand as a result of that explosion. Most scientists calculate that it took place 13.73 billion years ago.

Our knowledge and understanding of that history begins in the early part of the 20th century when Albert Einstein proved that light rays from distant stars were deflected by the gravity of the Sun. His theory, called 'the theory of general relativity' proved that gravity and motion can affect the intervals of time and space. Einstein proved that gravity makes time run more slowly in places where the forces of gravity are different as there are changes in the flow of time. We also know now, and for the first time although it is mind boggling, that the entity called 'time' has not been around forever and that it was created along with the rest of the universe in the big bang theory.

Because changes in gravity and velocity affect the rate at which our time flows, measurement of time is not the same in all places, i.e. on Earth and on the Moon, or in other planets using the same clock. It is therefore amazing for us, in this period of existence, to finally learn that six 24 hour days in outer space (solar time) would be the equivalent of approximately 13.73 billion years as measured in Earth-time with the same clock, as one minute of cosmic time is the equivalent of a million million minutes of the same clock on Earth.

Our galaxy the Milky Way, had a star develop which we call the Sun, 4.5 billion years ago and our planet, Earth, developed with other planets of our galaxy around that time

And so science, which was once the old adversary of the Bible, now is the proof that the Bible is correct in stating that the world was formed in 6 days as measured by cosmic time which is the equivalent of the billions of years we measure in Earth-time.

This resolving of the time issues is the ultimate proof that the Bible and science are in sync and this means that only a Supreme Power could have given the Bible to Moses.

No one could question if there is a God!