Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The book “WHY HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT NEED BLIND FAITH TO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM” (see website www.landpublishing.com) provides the literal proof that each and every verse of the Biblical story of creation is in sync with the teachings of modern science.

THE QUESTION  that we must address is how could it have been humanly possible for Moses 3500 years ago to have known of every basic detail of the creation story, and in their exact chronological order, when modern science has only been able to start figuring it out within the last 75 years? Would he not have had to be told?



                         Some of the miscellaneous issues the book addresses in its many chapters:


         Most Bibles translate the 6th Commandment in Exodus 20 as ‘thou shall not kill. The original Hebrew scrolls of Moses is properly translated as ‘thou shalt not murder.’


         Murder, by old and modern definition, is the illegal taking of life. Killing, on the other hand, may be legal (and even morally justified) in situations as self-defense, etc.


        As the New Testament was originally written in Koine Greek (ancient Greek language) from a book called the Septuagint the word ‘kill’ was chosen in the translation of the 6th Commandment as there was no Koine Greek word to distinguish between killing and murder.


THE QUESTION then is there a present day attempt to explore the meaning of the words used by the Israelites in the period of the Exodus and get to the original understanding of the Bible?


If you do not believe so then why did the Thomas Nelson publishers of the NKJV (New King James Version of the Bible) change its translation of Exodus 20:13 “You shall not kill” to “You shall not murder”?



            People scoff at the Bible because it says the world was created in 6 twenty four hour days and modern science says the Earth was created in 4.5 billion years.


THE QUESTION then is, have you given it some thought and feel that yes, there is conflict between Bible and science?


If so then why do the leading physicists of the world agree with the findings of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity in which he proved that gravity and motion affect the intervals of time and space.  It is already known that 6 days of cosmic time, due to differences of gravity pull throughout the universe, is the equivalent of 4.5 billions of years as measured by the same clock on Earth.


         If you agree with and cherish the artistic design of the Ten Commandments incased in two round-topped stones as an inspiring religious symbol then answer the following questions:


THE QUESTION is why did English artists in the 11th century introduce that design which was tombstones to show ‘the laws of the Jews were dead’? Considering that the Bible describes the tablets of the commandments as rectangular, should the present used art design be thrown out and redone?




If you believe dinosaurs were not mentioned in the Bible under any name, then answer the following question:


THE QUESTION is who were the creatures mentioned in Genesis 1:21 that we know now that birds were evolved from their winged species?   



If you believe that the Bible was written only for the Israelites of the Exodus period and does not apply to people today who need not understand it, then please address this question:


THE QUESTION is when the four rivers flowed from the main river out of the Garden of Eden to different countries why were the some of those countries not yet on the map and why only people of later generations could identify with them?



The different chapters of the book addresses issues such as are we descended from the apes, did the snake in the Garden of Eden actually speak, did Adam and Eve dress in fig leaves (you will learn that dressing in leaves was a colloquial expression for offering a poor excuse), are women really responsible for the sins of mankind, and much more as the surreal of how God is addressing the present day generations.


The answers to these questions will affect the lives of most people as they will be forced to think and reevaluate their attitudes towards the Bible. Thomas Jefferson had said that the problem with organized religion is that it calls for blind faith and what the people really need is a rationale for belief.


So ask yourself, does such a work as the research provided from this book offer that rationale? How did you answer the questions that were posed? How will the facts of the Bible made understandable and in sync with science affect your life, the life of your friends and family? Please ask them.