Sunday, May 4, 2008

Christian Bible Printers & the Torah (Hebrew Bible)

Blog 7 Christian Bible Printers and the Torah (Bible of the Israelites)

The Hebrew Bible consists of the Five Books of Moses (Christians call it The Old Testament) and the oral law called the Talmud and other works of law and history which together are referred to as the Torah, although the word ‘Torah’ is commonly used when referring to the written Bible itself.

The Torah as delivered by Moses was not originally divided into chapters but was one continuous set of scrolls. The categorization into chapters was begun in the Middle Ages by Christian Bible printers.

The original name given for the Five Books of Moses by the Hebrew Sages was ‘Book of Creation.’ Transliterated from the Hebrew it was pronounced Sefer Masseh Bereshith. In the sixteenth century when there was an attempt to translate the Hebrew Bible into Greek, the Greek influence caused many to refer to the first book as Genesis, which means ‘origin’ in Greek. The present Hebrew name, transliterated sounds Bereshith, means ‘during the beginning.’ This name was adopted by the Jews (Hebrews) because BERESHITH is the first Hebrew word with which the Bible begins. Today most English translations for Jewish Bibles include both titles.

Our book, WHY HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT NEED BLIND FAITH TO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM, is the first which offers collaborative scientific proof that the Bible is totally accurate. This means that only a Supreme Power could have issued the Bible to Moses.

The field of science, once thought to be in conflict with the Bible, is now our closest ally.

As the previous blog indicates, matching events of the Bible with scientific knowledge of when the different creative processes took place, has enabled us to even assign an appropriate time period for when each reported event of Genesis occurred.

The Torah (Hebrew Bible) was written in the common language of man so it would be understood not only by the Children of the Exodus but by all Jews who follow them.

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