Sunday, May 15, 2011

Artistic Design for the Ten Commandments-a-Deprecation of Judaism

Would you believe that the standard artistic format of the Ten Commandments encased in two round-topped stones originally had an anti-Semitic purpose? The stones were designed to represent tombstones and send the message that the laws of the Jews were dead.

That art form was the original creation of British artists in the 11th century. Then in the 13th century when Jews throughout Europe were ordered by the pope at Rome to wear insignia on their clothing to indicate they were Jews that could now be attacked and harassed by the populace of the different countries, in England, King Henry III had the Jews wear an 'identifying badge' in the shape of those two hinged tombstones as that art form was known to the British for what it was intended to represent.

By the 15th century, the history of the purpose of that art form was forgotten and it became accepted as religious art by both Jews and Christians.

Details of that history are presented in chapter 11 of the book 'WHY HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT NEED BLIND FAITH TO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM'.

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