Sunday, December 2, 2012

                               BIBLE CHALLENGES PEOPLE AVOID FACING-until now

To appreciate the Bible we must first fully understand it, as even the smallest academic challenges needs to be resolved.  Some miscellaneous items are enclosed for your consideration:


                                          the rain issue

In Genesis 2:5, one of the facts God is telling us about is that there had never been any rain throughout the beginning period of time. The Bible is perfect and that was an accurate statement which is 100% correct. Science, on the other hand says, “What’s wrong with you people? There was rain, there had to be rain or nothing could have grown and survive.” Science is also 100% correct.


Now the question becomes, how could both opposite versions of the rain issue be correct?



                          President Obama & the Garden of Eden Lesson issue

Leaders, just like ordinary people, err and when there are consequences they turn to God and attempt to explain their predicament, express their sorrow, and seek redemption.


Adam in the Garden of Eden had his moment and attempted to explain his failure as did great leaders like King Saul and King David in their time. Adam was not forgiven, King Saul was not forgiven, but King David was forgiven.


What was the lesson taught in the Eden story that explains why King David was forgiven and the others were not?


What if Barak Obama, president of the United States, was to seek redemption and explain his predicament as per the previous explanations to Americans for his unfilled promises, would his contrition meet the standards taught at Eden or would he be denied?


                                           Age of the Earth Question: a Problem for Politicians

 Another ‘what if’ is the media reporting men like Senator Marco Rubio (Republican-Florida) and Governor Chris Christie (Republican-New Jersey) are fearful of addressing the question posed to them about the age of the Earth because it seems they are fearful of antagonizing voters who might hold different opinions.


Our book does not discuss any of those politicians but we have proved the Bible is in sync with the teachings of modern science, 6 days of cosmic time is the equivalent of billions of years of Earth-time and the age of the Earth and time of the different events of creation are detailed.


                           Why Are Muslims Battling To Destroy Israel?


One chapter of the book addresses that issue. It is puzzling because the Koran, the Bible of the Muslims, says the Children of Israel are to have control of the ‘Promised Land’ and the Koran goes further to say the Jews are to live there in peace!



   The book ‘WHY HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT NEED BLIND FAITH TO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM’ addresses all the questions posed here and of course much more (see website


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